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Our Board

The board of Pro Generika consists of seven representatives of important generics companies in Germany.

It is newly elected from among our member companies every two years.

Andreas Burkhardt Chair Mehr Informationen
Andreas Burkhardt

Andreas Burkhardt has been with Teva for 15 years in various management roles. He was appointed General Manager Germany and Austria in November 2021.

Ingrid Blumenthal Vice-Chair Mehr Informationen
Ingrid Blumenthal

Ingrid Blumenthal has been working for ALIUD PHARMA in Laichingen since 2007 and took over the management there in 2011. As a trained banker and graduate economist, she entered the generics business in 1999 in the sales department of a subsidiary of

Josip Mestrovic Treasurer Mehr Informationen
Josip Mestrovic

Josip Mestrovic has been General Manager at Zentiva Pharma GmbH in Berlin since 2017. With a degree in business administration, he previously worked for Sanofi Germany for six years - most recently as Head of Generics Business.

Pro Generika-Vorstand
Ahmed Banjaddi Board member Mehr Informationen
Ahmed Banjaddi

Ahmed Bajaddi has been Head of Generic Business for Germany & Retail Business for Nordics at Basics GmbH & SUN Pharmaceuticals Germany GmbH in Leverkusen since 2017. He has been working for the company since 2008.

Dr. Boris Bromm Board member Mehr Informationen
Dr. Boris Bromm

Dr. Boris Bromm has been Deputy Chairman of Pro Generika since 2019. As a lawyer, he has worked for Fresenius Kabi in Bad Homburg since 2007. He has been Senior Vice President and member of the Top Management Team there since 2011.

Ingo Werner Board member Mehr Informationen
Ingo Werner

Ingo Werner has been working for Mylan Germany, which is part of the Viatris group of companies in Germany, as Head of Public Affairs & Market Access since 2018. In this role, the lawyer is a member of the group's TOP Management Team.

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