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Our goal is health for all!

We at Pro Generika are the association of generics and biosimilar manufacturers in Germany.

Our goal is to provide stable care for all patients in Germany. Read here what we stand for!

Our members produce 79 percent of the medicines consumed by the patients of the statutory health insurances in Germany. Our responsibility is also our pride, because: Generic medicines not only supply the majority of patients. They are also the reason why everyone's care is affordable. The savings they generate ensure that every German citizen who has fallen ill receives exactly the treatment they need.

We advocate for patients

For an affordable and just pharmaceuticals supply, we need generic medicines. They are just as effective and just as good as their originals. In this way, the money at the disposal of the community of insured people can not only be used to supply all patients; innovative therapies for individual patients can also be paid for. Because generic medicines exist, all patients have reliable access to pharmaceuticals. And that is why generic manufacturers themselves also need stable framework conditions.

We support manufacturers

For sustainable and fair competition, a diverse range of a multitude of generic manufacturers is needed. Only diversity will ensure falling prices and the relief that the health system needs. Years of cost pressures have led to a situation in which less and less manufacturers have to supply more and more patients. In the light of increasing shortages, we fight for better framework for the generics market. In times where the amount of shortages has surpassed the bearable level, we campaign for health to be worth more than six cents a day - because that is what a generic drug currently costs.

We rely on politics

For a constructive dialogue between all stakeholders, we insist on conversations with politicians, health insurances, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and last but not least patients. We believe that everyone involved, wants a secure and stable pharmaceutical supply and primary care and thus view ourselves as a responsible and dependable partner. We stand for reliable information for everyone who wishes to join forces towards this big goal of ensuring the sustainable supply of all patients in Germany.

Our Office

Our office in the heart of Berlin is staffed by a team of seven. Would you like to know who exactly is responsible for what? Then read more about us here.


Our Press Office

You report on the supply of medicines and are interested in Pro Generika's stance? Here you will find our press releases (in German) and the press contact.

Press Office
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