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You want to know what role generics play in our health system and which diseases are almost exclusively treated with generics? You would like to know,

what Pro Generika is doing to protect the environment - and how we can achieve more security of supply in Europe? Here we have prepared the central generics topics for you.

Bedeutung von Generika
The importance of generic medicines

Thanks to generics, every patient in Germany gets exactly the medicine they need. But generics are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Here we explain why this threatens the supply.

Generic medicines
The quality of generic medicines

The quality of generic medicines is strictly monitored and constantly controlled. In addition, each preparation is made counterfeit-proof. Find out why generics are just as good as the original here.

Qualität generika
Generic medicine and environment

The production of medicines should pollute the environment as little as possible. Read here how the members of Pro Generika are committed to environmental protection and what every patient can do to help.

Generika und Umwelt
Versorgung Generika
Generic medicine and supply

A secure supply is the top priority of generic drug manufacturers. Nevertheless, shortages occur time and again. We describe the causes and what brings us more supply security here.

Security of supply
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